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Tax Attorney

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Imagine this typical scenario.

The IRS comes to your door. You haven’t yet met up with your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Tax Attorney, and they want your home – tax lien. You feel bad, you feel dejected, and you feel that it’s all over for you – your house, the only valuable asset you’ve got.

This is a typical scenario that happens when a tax lien is filed against you, and you don’t have a tax attorney.

Do you know that with the help of an experienced tax attorney or Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you can prevent this ugly incidence from happening? Yes, a tax attorney can help you protect your most valuable assets from the hands of the IRS.


Tax attorneys not only advise and assist you when it is already red – when the tax lien has been filed. They can assist you in a variety of ways including helping you structure and document your business, navigate complex tax codes and laws, handle IRS disputes, oversee business tax planning to legally minimize your tax burden and helping you with general advice on estate management, and tax and financial planning.

In some cases, tax attorneys can help shield hardworking taxpayer like yourself from the stress of dealing with IRS by standing in for you to acquire encouraging results.


Though some people prefer to handle simple tax situations on their own, however, when it comes to back-taxes and the Internal Revenue Service, no one knows what the outcome will be and is better off to seek legal advice in dealing with the complexities of the tax rules and regulations

Typically, a tax attorney can help you in the following situations:

  • You wish to start a business

  • You engage in International business

  • You anticipate the ownership of a taxable estate when you die.

  • You’re being audited or investigated by IRS

  • And just like explained earlier, you have a taxation case with IRS

In these situations, you’ll want an expert tax attorney to represent you because they’re well versed and experienced in tax laws and codes. Just like a typical attorney, we advise you confide in your attorney with the full assurance of confidentiality.


If you wish to hire a tax attorney to assist you, go for an attorney with a Juris Doctor degree (JD and is admitted to the state bar. Ensure your tax attorney has advanced training in tax law because tax law is as complex and complicated as other types of law. Preferably, go for one that has a background in accounting; in so doing, you get both an accountant and a tax attorney to work with.


Just like you’d treat hiring a civil lawyer as vital, treat a tax lawyer as the same. However, before you proceed, assess your budget to determine whether adopting the services of a tax attorney is worth it.

Reasons to hire a tax attorney include:

  • It’s your right

  • Not doing it right will cost you more than hiring a tax attorney would have caused you.

  • Tax processes can be complicated, but with professionals on your team, you’re sure to partake and success.

At Tax Relief R Us, based in Jackson Heights, New York our expert tax attorneys, negotiators, and mediators will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and will help you stop the IRS collection tactics including wage garnishment. We navigate the process to work with the IRS for a better tax settlement that’ll bring a smile to your face again.

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