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Our Team


Carl Louis, CPA


Carl has over ten years of experience in public accounting and provides audit and tax representation services to clients. He is dedicated to delivering excellent representation and legal advice pertaining to legal tax issues. He has a wide range of experience in tax law ranging from working in the East New York, Brooklyn Low Income Tax Clinic to providing Audit and Tax advisory services to S&P 500 companies. Carl Louis earned his Bachelor’s degree from Pace University, Lubin School of Business with a concentration in Taxation.

Carl also assists public companies with 10-K, 10-Q, S-1, IPO and other SEC filings and SOX compliance.


Certified Public Accountant (CPA), New York


Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Pace University

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Guillermo Calvo

Vice-President, Spanish Language

Guillermo Calvo is dedicated to delivering excellent tax resolution representation to all clients, irrespective to the complexity and challenges of the cases. His depth of knowledge and range of experience in state and federal tax controversy is unmatched in the industry. He has had incredible success at Tax Relief R Us since joining us 5 years ago. After rising through the sales ranks, he moved from Case Analyst to Tax Resolution Manager and recently transitioned into Client Enrollment Manager. He manages and operates the Client Servicing and Engagement department with a dedicated team of professionals who adopts a client-oriented approach to tax resolution services. He is especially passionate about helping business owners understand and overcome their tax challenges

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headshot of Gabriela Chasijuan

Gabriela Chasijuan

Executive Assistant

The outstanding customer service provided by Tax Relief stands out for being friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. We owe a lot of that to our excellent case management and customer service staff. As the executive assistant, Gabriela is in charge of the development, management, and training of these important teams. Her goal is to provide Tax Relief's clients with the best experience possible.

Gabriela has almost 8 years of experience managing call centers, as well as doing internal quality control and compliance checks. She has a wealth of expertise working as an Executive Assistant across numerous sectors. Gabriela joined Tax Relief as an executive assistant but was quickly promoted to tax advisor due to her outstanding performance and constant commitment to clients.

headshot of Steven Dillon

Steven Dillon

Tax Attorney

Steven Dillon is a Tax Attorney with decades of tax resolution experience. He began his career many years ago working for the Internal Revenue Service as a Revenue Officer. He has been helping taxpayers resolve their outstanding IRS and State Tax bills with enthusiasm and hard work for over 25 years.

He takes particular satisfaction knowing that he is "leveling the playing field" for all of his clients by providing them qualified representation in a specialized area of Tax Controversy and Tax Resolution.

He knows that delivery of successful tax outcomes is a team effort and shows that every day with the respect he shows his coworkers and the skills they all deliver to their clients.

He looks forward to drawing upon his education, background and skills to work on your case and help you achieve your goals of a fresh start with tax compliance.