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Has the amount you owe the IRS increased to a level you had not thought about due to penalties and interests? Chasing down the IRS to have the penalties and interests abated is an uphill battle for any hardworking taxpayer (s), and it could be a time-consuming and stressful process. However, you can put this whole issue to rest by working with Tax Relief R Us, a reliable tax consultant company.

We are here to help you resolve your IRS and State tax debts. For most of us, tax debt can become too big to settle, and maybe you’re wondering, whether to pay the ridiculous outstanding tax debt when you are trying to make “ends meets”, to pay your mortgage, rent, and your children’s school tuition, hospital bills and so forth. Well, as an experienced tax consultant company, we have helped countless of hardworking taxpayers like yourself to deal with IRS and State tax debts. We could negotiate with the IRS to help you settle your tax debt for just “pennies on the dollar”. Our tax resolution professionals won’t rest until they settle your tax debts.

The IRS will go to great length to get their money. They will repossess your car, cancel your passport, put a lien on your home and even filed public tax lien notices just to embarrass hard working taxpayers. Receiving a wage garnishment just because you owe the IRS can be very unsettling. You may not be lucky enough to get the tax owed and clear it immediately. To navigate these murky waters, you’re going to need a competent tax consultant company. At Tax Relief R Us, we have tax experts who are skilled enough to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and help you stop the garnishment, and also how to navigate the process to work with the IRS for a better tax settlement. Don’t let IRS tax debt hold you down anymore, call Tax Relief R Us, we can help!

Tax Preparation Services

When faced with pressure from the IRS and scrutiny from other governmental entities (State and/or City), it’s important you start looking for a professional to help with your tax preparation in Queens, NY. At Tax Relief R Us, we have tax resolution professionals who will go an extra mile to order account records and transcripts from the IRS to ensure that you don’t accidentally miss out on any expenses or source of income.

All your returns will be assigned to an experienced tax preparer at Tax Relief R Us, and they will handle the preparation of your return from start to finish. After completion, a team of experienced CPA’s will meticulously review your return errors and omission Once you feel comfortable with the final returns, you will sign the returns and they will be electronically submitted to the IRS.

What makes us the “go-to” company when it comes to tax preparation in Queens, NY, is the fact that our tax preparation team is not only diligent, but also accurate when preparing your returns. The team undergoes constant training to ensure they are knowledgeable with the latest IRS rules and regulations. When delivering our tax preparation service in Queens, NY, we work with you to ensure that accurate tax credits and deductions are taking into account To ensure painless tax preparation in Queens, NY, we make the tax preparation process less burdensome to you. To achieve this, we send you simple forms to fill out to enable us to prepare your taxes fast and efficiently. Once you get your tax returns, you will be able to review it and ensure its accurate then send it back, so we file it on time.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Tax Relief R Us has custom accounting and bookkeeping services are designed to help your organization manage its finances effectively. Whether you are looking for a professional NY State CPA, bookkeeper, or accountant, we have all these professionals to help with the accounting needs of your business. We have worked with different companies-small and big, both local and national. Our accounting staff will help you save time and money, so you can focus on what matters the most: Increasing revenue and growing your business.

If you are wondering where you will get a New York State CPA with a hands-on approach to help your business grow and prosper, that’s precisely what you will get at Tax Relief R Us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in technology, supermarket, media and entertainment, real estate, trucking, retail or distribution, our New York State CPA’s will customize your annual, quarterly or monthly report structure, reconciliation, tax filing and maintenance. Our accountants are trustworthy, discrete, and natural problem solvers, we are ready to work with you to manage the finances of your business. Whether you have a small or large business, these services will save you both time and resources.

At Tax Relief R Us, we have a history of helping people fix their tax problems. We have created bookkeeping programs to help prevent tax issues from emerging in the future. Our expert accounting services provide businesses with the necessary tools to enable them to grow. By trusting our services, you’ll be able to work with licensed New York State CPA and Attorneys. We’ll assign you an experienced team member who can handle your unique business needs, and one who can work diligently and quickly. Call us today at (917) 549-7073, to talk to a seasoned tax accountant Queens, NY.

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All business and personal debt must be paid on time to avoid paying penalties and interest. To ensure your tax returns are prepared and submitted to the IRS on a timely fashion and avoid getting into troubles with the IRS, you need to work with a professional who carries out tax preparation in Queens, NY, and that’s precisely what Tax Relief R Us is here to do.

Tax Relief R Us provides professional business and tax consulting services to all taxpayers searching for tax preparation in Queens, NY. If your business is facing penalties, interest, or other issues with the IRS, then call us at (917) 549-7073. One of our professionals and friendly tax resolution experts will advise you on how Tax Relief R Us can work with you to take away the worry and strain that’s normally associated with this type of financial difficulty.

We have seen many clients taken advantage of and asked to pay ridiculous upfront fees for which they get little or no service at all. Numerous clients have stopped working with our competitors because they found the upfront fees to be over the top. As one of the reputable tax resolution companies in Queens NY, we don’t encourage to pay full price to a business tax consultant until you know what options you have and the kind of assistance you expect from such a company.


Tax Preparation Brooklyn NY


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Tax Relief R Us can help you with all your tax related issues including:

  • Offer in Compromise Settlement
  • Stop IRS Wage Garnishment
  • Release IRS Tax Levies and Liens
  • Reduce IRS Tax Debt
  • End Penalties and Interest
  • IRS Audit Défense
  • Payroll Tax Negotiation
  • Sales Tax Negotiation
  • State Tax Negotiation and Settlement
  • FBAR Filing / FBAR Representation
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Abatement of Penalty
  • Filing Back Taxes Help
  • Expatriate Tax Services
  • IRS Notice of Intent to Levy


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