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TAX RELIEF R US's CARL and his staff were fantastic!! They are genuinely interested in assisting you. If you need assistance, I recommend TAX RELIEF R US. They are exceptional. I'm overjoyed that they chose me! Everything was explained. They were courteous despite my anxiety and fears, which seemed to annoy them much. They were quite helpful. They know exactly what they're doing! I cannot express my gratitude and praise enough for all of their efforts. They are definitely masters of their craft!

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Our Process

Our three-step tax resolution process is simple and is structured to solve all your tax issues. Our process is simple, tested, and trusted to yield you the tax resolution you desire.

What Is Tax Relief?

There have been numerous inquiries recently into what tax relief is. This is because of the massive IRS filing of many tax levies and tax liens recently.

Though the causes of these tax liens vary between being unable to meet up with the tax debts, tax fraud, tax evasion, etc., everyone is looking into how they can achieve tax relief. The good news is, there are several IRS tax relief options available that could help you if you go about it the right away.

Who to Hire

Tax relief firms can help you achieve tax relief by negotiating with the IRS on your behalf, for an agreed upon fee. However, you’re advised to work with a reputable tax resolution company, because working with inexperienced firms or scam tax relief companies might put you in more debt. A trustworthy and reliable tax relief company will contact the IRS on your behalf and negotiate an offer in compromise, penalty or interest abatement, or an installment agreement.

The Federal Trade Commission cautions that only authorized tax professionals can represent you with the IRS, and they include enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). When hiring a tax negotiator, look out for the indicators of a scam tax relief company and stay away as fast as you can.

Take Action Now

Remember that trying to shy away from your tax bills serves you no good. Instead, it increases your tax problems by amassing interests and fees for you. Be proactive in dealing with tax issues, file your taxes, and reach out to the IRS to see the options you may have. To avoid mistakes, you can consult with an experienced tax professional such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to guide you with the process.

At Tax Relief R Us, our expert tax consultants, negotiators, and mediators will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and will help you achieve tax relief that’ll keep your mind settled and avoid wage garnishment. We navigate the tax process to work with the IRS for a better tax settlement that’ll bring a smile to your face again.

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