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Is your business compliant with state tax rules and regulations?

Sales & Use Tax

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Various State and local tax governments are becoming more aggressive in identifying underpaying and non-compliant taxpayers which in turn leads to frequent changes in legislation and more in-depth audits. Tax Relief R Us can help you with audit preparation, defense and representation, no matter how big or small the issues are.

Have you ever wondered whether any of the following questions apply to your business?

  • Are your products and services taxable?

  • Have you been paying too little or too much sales taxes?

  • Are you looking for solutions for your state and local tax issues?

  • Which states and localities are you required to file tax returns with?

  • What are the ramifications of non-compliance in another state or locality where you have a filing requirement?

  • What options are available if it is determined you have not been filing in a jurisdiction where you have had an ongoing filing requirement?

  • Are you up to date on state and local tax rate changes, resale and exemption certificates requirements, use tax provisions, and document retention standards?


Sales Tax Consulting – If you need assistance in addressing any of these questions please contact us today for a no-risk, no-obligation consultation.

We can also help address issues related to the following subjects:

  • Tax Audit Defense

  • Multistate Taxation Rules

  • Taxability of Products and Services

  • Sales and Use Tax

  • State Nexus Rules and Criteria

  • Physical Presence in Another State

  • Online Tax Registrations

  • Online Tax Filing

  • Voluntary Disclosure Programs

  • Amnesty Agreements

  • Managed Compliance Agreements

  • Tax Refund Study (Reverse Audit)


Sales Tax Audit Defense

States usually audit businesses for various reasons, including sales tax and their objectives is to help determine whether or not taxpayers are paying the correct amount of sales and use tax to the State. As part of customary business practices, most companies will at one point or another undergo a sales and use tax audit. The auditor begins most audits with the right attitude, which is trying to determine how much sales tax the business owes.

We can assist you with the following audit-related tasks:

  • Prior Periods Resolutions

  • Overpayments Recovery

  • Sales & Use Tax Audit Defense

  • Pre-Audit Review of Your Books & Records

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