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Tax Consultation

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If you think you are about to face state or IRS collection action, you should consider a tax consultation with one of the experts at Tax Relief R Us. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are always willing to help. Once you decide to get help from our professional tax consultants, you should expect quality guidance, representation, and advice to help you sail through the state or IRS processes in a fast, affordable, and hassle-free manner.

Contacting a financial tax consultant at our company is just but the beginning. We all have a team of lawyers, professional tax consultants, enrolled agents, and tax CPAs ready to give a hand. Why should you trust our professional tax consultants and the entire tax resolution staff at Tax Relief R Us? Well, they all have a proven track record of success in assisting people in Jackson Heights, New York area just like you who have fallen back in their tax payments with IRS. We know how frightening the thought of tax default can be. By getting a personal tax consultant with Tax Relief R Us, you will receive expert CPA tax help from one of the best tax consulting firms in America.

Why work with professional tax consultants?

You are facing tax woes with IRS or other state tax entities and aren’t sure whether contacting a tax consultant company is the best decision. Well, here are the top six reasons to talk to one of the best tax consulting firms and consult on your tax issues:

Unrivaled Expertise

From your initial interaction with a business tax consultant at our company, you will undoubtedly know that our area of specialization is to resolve your tax problems. It is our sole obsession, mission, focus, and mandate. While IRS agents are good at getting what they want from you and other taxpayers, we’ll prove to you that we are pros when it comes to dealing with IRS.

Insider Knowledge

Since we work with IRS and other state taxation agencies on a daily basis, we understand these authorities profoundly. Your tax consultation with one of our experts will make this point perfectly clear to you. As one of the best tax consulting firms in the country, our powerful asset is the inside knowledge of what the state and IRS will try to do, and how to handle each situation to your advantage.

Over 50 years of Experience

Our professional tax consultants who are part of the tax consulting team have more than 50 years of collective experience working in the tax industry. As one of the best tax consulting firms, Tax Relief R Us only employs the best consultants to help with every step of your tax resolution journey.

Effective company culture

We put tremendous focus on recruiting and training the best professional tax consultants to ensure you receive only the best tax consulting services. Consequently, consulting with us will show you how we have developed from the ground up, an effective system of procedures that make us your preferred personal tax consultant. This guarantees transparency, speed, and efficacy.


We are ready to represent your interests and offer full protection according to the law while dealing with the state authorities and IRS. This will save you many hours of pain, inefficiency, and anxiety. Seeking tax consultation with us will prove to you that Tax Relief R Us know exactly what to say to the state or IRS, what not to say when to assert ourselves, and when not to. Ultimately, we can all face the state or IRS fearlessly.

Personalized Attention

You have been looking for a personal tax consultant, and we are happy to let you know you will find one at Tax Relief R Us. A CPA tax specialist will work very closely with you to understand your unique case. We give each customer the personal attention they deserve while simultaneously offering unmatched attention to detail, trust, and communication.

What we discuss during tax consultation:

  • Preventing asset seizure

  • Removing tax aliens

  • Creating installment plans

  • Removing tax levies

  • Negotiating offers-in-compromise

  • Protection against criminal action

  • Filing overdue tax returns

  • Ending wage garnishment

  • Representation before revenue officers and IRS auditors

The tax consultation will provide answers to any questions you may have regarding state collection or IRS, and we are ready to help you accordingly.

If you want to know more on how we can respond to your personal situation and are located in the Jackson Heights, New York area, get a financial tax consultant from Tax Relief R Us today! Call us at (844) 829-2292 or contact us.